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Secure and Protect Your Workspace with Scaffold Enclosure Systems from

Fast Panel Enclosures LTD.

Fast Panel Enclosures Are the Visionary Future of Construction Worksite Security and Public Safety.

Our signature scaffold enclosure panel system is a true game-changer! Its versatility goes far beyond traditional scaffolding enclosure and containment solutions. Fast Panel scaffolding enclosures are great for use on all build sites. These easy to use scaffolding enclosures are able to be put together quickly and securely. 

Fast Panel Enclosure systems provide:

  • Natural light panels
  • Weather protection for construction projects
  • Enclosed overhead protection with advertising signage for business
  • Perimeter fence enclosure systems (to replace unsightly vinyl strips and unsecure chain link fencing)
  • Utility site enclosures
  • Temporary storage for events
  • Temporary EMT housing for special events
  • Camera tower enclosures for events like golf tournaments, F-1 races, rodeos, concerts, outdoor fundraisers, car shows, farmer’s markets, festivals, carnivals, holiday events, etc. 
  • Low-use recreation property security for windows and doors
  • Protection from sun damage through windows
  • Protection from storm damage and hail for your property, windows, doors, etc.
  • Hurricane and security protection
  • Temporary relief structures and shelter for use after hurricanes or other natural disasters
  • Advertising signage, or custom wraps on the panels allow for easy placement and easy changing for sign updates.

Fast Panel Enclosures fit all shapes and sizes of temporary worksite scaffolds, incorporating single man doors, double man doors, and even overhead garage doors for moving in vehicles, in custom sizes for each application.

Here's how we're making a difference in Scaffolding with Fast Panel Enclosures:

Environmental Responsibility

Unlike traditional containment products that are single-use and disposable, our panels can be transported from one project to the next. The constant need to use and discard scaffolding consumables (shrink wrap, poly, plywood, etc.) is an environmental nightmare and a waste of money. Each piece of our paneling is able to be moved on to the next job site. This minimizes landfill capacity and aligns with sustainable construction practices. Fast Panel Enclosures are a reusable scaffold enclosure that can be used again and again. 

Public Safety & Aesthetics

Construction sites often create unease amongst the public traveling close to it. Our panels offer a calm and aesthetically pleasing solution that eliminates that feeling of danger and incomplete structures. The Panels are secure and double as ideal surfaces for banners, project completion pictures, or points of public information (e.g., exit points or completion launch dates). 

Who uses Fast Panel Enclosures?

Commercial Scaffolding Panels

Fast Panels protect the exterior facades of construction sites, maintains public signage, offers overhead protection from debris, and control over public access. They also enhance site security, reducing the risk of public intrusion.

Industrial Scaffolding Panels

During winterization and shutdown seasons, our Fast Panels provide quicker containment installation for mechanical protection. This ensures minimal downtime for your equipment and workers. Allowing the next project to proceed.

Military Scaffolding Panels

The fast installation and dismantling of our panels are perfect for military operations that need to stay discreet. Our system can build temporary facilities for transport vehicles, medical aid, or emergency services, ensuring security.

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Fast Panel Enclosures are a completely unique and patented scaffolding enclosure system.

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