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About Fast Panel Enclosures LTD.

About Fast Panel Enclosures

The idea behind Fast Panel Enclosures came to Co-Founder Kyle Cockerell when he was running his scaffolding company. The constant need to apply and remove teardown consumables (such as shrink wrap or poly) which ends up in a landfill was a source of pain and a waste of money. How could he find a way to create a reusable scaffold that could be used again and again?

Each piece able to be moved on to the next job site. He turned to his friend and problem solver, Co-Founder Dennis Pidzarko, owner of Cadillac Coatings.

About Fast Panel Enclosures

Dennis Pidzarko

Fast Panel Prototype & Design

Creating the prototypes and designs went through a few different reiterations until finally the 4th generation Fast Panel was born. Over 2 years in the making. We were ready to start showing this product to the world.

The practical applications of these panels could be used not only for scaffolding, but for hurricane relief, temporary shelters, and more.

We are so excited to be launching our patented Fast Panel Enclosures across North America. All products can be custom coated to match your pantone colour choice. We can also do custom wraps showing what the completed project will look like or advertise that the building is still open during construction.

Gorilla Heights is an Approved Installer of Fast Panel Enclosures Products!

Gorilla Heights specializes in providing industrial and commercial scaffolding services that put safety first. What we’re about is leading the industry in high-quality construction solutions, one safe job site at a time.

Fast Panel Enclosures is a Proud Platinum Sponsor of Square 1 MMH!

Encouragement, comfort, advice. Whatever help our individual members need, our Men’s Mental Health Support Group is always here to provide. We are a diverse group of people across Canada sharing common feelings, experiences and concerns with one another. Never alone.

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Fast Panel Enclosures can serve various purposes in commercial, industrial, retail, and military projects.