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Commercial Scaffold Enclosure Systems

Commercial Worksite Panels and Enclosure Systems

Temporary structures and enclosures are commonly used in commercial applications for construction, maintenance, events, and more. Choosing the right products for your worksite is a critical step in ensuring the success—and safety—of your commercial project.

Our top-quality, commercial-grade Fast Panel Enclosure Systems work wonders for worksite security, worker and site safety, and separation from the public eye. 

Fast Setup & Tear Down

Fast Panel’s scaffolding enclosure systems can be put together and taken down quickly and securely. They can then be moved to the next job site, limiting costly waste from the use of consumables such as plywood, shrink wrap, etc., (which often ends up in a landfill).

Each Fast Panel Enclosure System can be designed for your project-specific needs, but the versatility of the panels allows for use without design as well, if you have the panels in your inventory. 

We make safety a priority and at Fast Panel we are committed to creating a secure product to provide a safe workplace for our clients!

Commercial Fast Panel Enclosures

Use Fast Panel Enclosures for Your Commercial Projects

Building Construction

Use Fast Panel's scaffold enclosure systems to provide shielded or private access to elevated areas, enabling construction workers to build, repair, or renovate commercial buildings with less visibility to the public outside of the work site.

Facade Restoration

Scaffold enclosure systems are employed for exterior building maintenance and restoration, such as repainting, cleaning, or repairing facades.

Interior Construction

Scaffold enclosures can also be used for interior work, like installing or repairing ceilings, lighting, and HVAC systems.

More Construction Uses

Commercial, exterior façade protection from the construction sites to the public, public signage that has been blocked off from the construction itself, overhead protection and public access points. Security purposes of the site and limiting the risk of public break-ins to the sites.

Maintenance & Repairs

Industrial Facilities

Scaffold enclosures can be used for maintenance tasks in industrial settings, such as refineries, factories, and power plants.

Bridge and Infrastructure Maintenance

Scaffold enclosures may be used in infrastructure maintenance for inspecting and repairing bridges, overpasses, and other forms of architecture.

Events & Entertainment

Concerts and Shows

Temporary enclosures, like stages and backstage structures, are set up for concerts, theater productions, and other live events.

Outdoor Exhibitions and Trade Shows

Temporary structures, including exhibition booths, food stalls and display areas, can be used for outdoor festivals and fairs.

Stair Tower Scaffold Enclosures

Stair tower enclosure solutions for your commercial project, providing real security in a proper-fitting steel door entry system that can be adapted for a standard key, key pad entry, or even keyless FOB entry system, all in a fully-enclosing system that is not climbable, and fully skirted to the ground for no access by unauthorized personnel.

Roof Panels and Protection

Roof and ceiling protection from the elements with our patent-pending roof panel system further reducing your company’s dependency on non-green products.

Garbage Chute Scaffolding Enclosures

Enclose your garbage chute scaffold with our panels and take away that unsightly view of your construction project. You can even apply advertising or a project completion thermometer to the outside optics of the chute by applying wraps to our panels, which are easily changeable for updates to your message.

You dream it, we build it. 

Let Fast Panel create custom scaffold enclosure solutions for your commercial projects.