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Your Industrial Building Project could be Losing Money with Temporary Fabric or Wood Scaffold Enclosure Systems.

Scaffold enclosures are commonly used in industrial settings to provide access and protection for workers, equipment, and materials.

Fast Panel Enclosures provides safe, easy to set up scaffold enclosure systems. It fits all uses of scaffold structures—all configurations and all sizes, lengths, and heights. The best part—our Fast Panels are highly reusable and brandable—for your company.

Shut Downs and More...

Industrial use of our scaffolding enclosure panels is highly valued for the winterization and shut down seasons. With our unique patented panels you will have a faster installation of scaffolding for the containment of mechanical protection, and quick disassembly to save on man hours.

Industrial Uses for Fast Panels

Construction and Maintenance Enclosures

Our Fast Panel scaffold enclosure systems can be used to provide shielded access to specific areas of your work site. Additionally, Fast Panel Enclosures can be used for containment, protecting the work areas from various elements, and preventing debris from falling on anyone.

Easy Building Inspection and Surveys

Fast Panel’s temporary scaffold enclosure systems allow inspectors and surveyors to easily access hard-to-reach areas of your buildings and structures for assessment. This will help to move along permits and safety procedures to get you back to work quickly.

Facility Upgrades and Building Retrofits

Anywhere that you use scaffolding on your Industrial build projects, Fast Panel’s temporary enclosure systems can provide safe, private, and protected work areas. The scaffolding enclosures are able to be put together quickly and securely.

Industrial Scaffolding

Fast Panel Temporary Enclosures Are Reusable for Industrial Applications

Additional uses for Fast Panel Enclosure systems range from protection and maintenance of power generation and utility transformers, storage tanks and silos, welding and fabrication areas, and more.

What's Protecting Your Industrial Projects?

Safety is a top concern for industrial projects and our products truly help protect workers and the surrounding environment from potential hazards. Fast Panel Enclosures can be installed and dismantled by your existing scaffolding team with ease.