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Military Panels

Fast Panel Enclosures for Military Use

Fast Panel Enclosures can provide temporary structures for use in a range of military building, training and operations. 

Fast Panel Enclosure systems are available in all styles of camouflage and offer unmatched ease and speed for installation and teardown. 

Common military uses could include:

  • Temporary troops housing
  • Medical stations
  • Latrine enclosures
  • Personnel quarters
  • Asset storage (out of public sight)
  • Road closures or redirection signage.
  • Checkpoint for public directional enclosure guard fencing

For a more concise description of available configurations and uses, contact our military-specific design and consultation team.

Fast Panel Enclosures' Synergy with Military Applications.

Field Structure Enclosures

Fast Panel Enclosures could be used to quickly erect temporary structures like field hospitals, temporary command centers, and even defensive positions. Temporary enclosures can provide shelter for troops, equipment, and supplies.

Maintenance and Repairs

Temporary enclosures can be employed for maintenance and repair work on military equipment and infrastructure. This is crucial to keep equipment in working condition and maintain operational readiness, while staying out of the public eye.

Camouflage and Concealment

Temporary enclosures like Fast Panels can help military units hide from enemy or public observation. These structures can make it difficult for adversaries to spot military installations, equipment, or troops. They can be wrapped to match the background.

You Dream It, We Build It

Fast Panel Enclosure systems can be used in military applications beyond what we can fathom for this web page. Consider our temporary enclosure systems wherever scaffolding enclosure systems might be used, such as:

  • Training and surveillance 
  • Security and checkpoints
  • Air traffic control equipment maintenance
  • Field offices
  • Transportation of private goods
  • EMT temporary treatment rooms
  • Anywhere else you might require a temporary, private structure that can be quickly assembled and dismantled for ease of use.

Fast Installation and Disassembly for Loading and Unloading Products that You Want Kept Out of the Public Eye.

We can build temporary facilities that can accommodate Military transport vehicles with garage door entry points, medical aid and emergency services vehicles and products.

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